Episode 364: Val Constien – 2020 Olympic Steeplechaser on Fresh Goals and Balancing a Full Time Career in Customer Support and Pro Running

Val Constien is a steeplechaser who ran in the 2020 Olympics. She is a 3-time All American for the University of Colorado. Now she is competing as a professional athlete and also has a full-time job. In this episode, she shares what it was like to make her first Olympic team, what it looks like to run at such a high level as an unsponsored athlete, and what her day to day life looks like!

Photo credit: Lara Larramendi

Photo from Val Constien

What we talked about:

3:15- Introduction to Val

6:20- Val’s current training and upcoming races

8:50- Her journey to becoming a steeplechaser

11:20- Qualifying for the Olympics

17:55- Being an unsponsored athlete

22:55- Working with Tracksmith

26:45- Competing at her first Olympics

31:05- The decision to keep training after college

36:35- Finding her happiness

38:00- Val’s boyfriend

40:40- Next big goals coming off of the Olympics

45:05- Val’s day to day schedule

49:05- 2022 World Championships

49:55- Being the underdog

51:15- Battling imposter syndrome

52:15- Battling with mental health struggles and an eating disorder

57:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

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