Episode 73: Keli Reese – Fulfillment, Boundaries, and Fun in Motherhood

Keli has a heart for helping mothers replace anxiety and guilt with fulfillment and joy. She is the mom of 5 and recently went back to work. She is an educator who teaches fifth grade. She spent 11 years at home with her kids and has been back teaching for 2 years. We get to hear about that transition and she also shares about choosing joy in her life even in the hard times. She shares how she handled motherhood when it wasn’t necessarily what she thought it would be. We also talk about boundaries and what that looks like while raising kids. 

What we talked about:

3:25- Introduction to Keli and her family

6:00- Going through the baby years even though it wasn’t what felt natural to her

16:00- Being firm but kind and setting boundaries with her kids

24:35- Choosing joy

29:25- Celebrating each stage of your kids’ lives

32:45- Pausing to feel emotions

37:05- Going back to work after being home for 11 years with the kids

42:25- Mom guilt

46:45- Her Ministry in Motherhood work and balancing that with parenting and teaching

56:25- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Finding Quiet by Jamie Grace

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