Episode 72: Jenn Kautsch – Rethinking Your Relationship with Alcohol Without Labels, Shame, Judgment, or Rules

Jenn Kautsch feels passionate about making safe spaces for women to have conversations about alcohol without judgment, labels or rules. She is a retired “grey area” drinker and in her mid-40s, she felt tired, stuck, and on autopilot and needed a change. She just turned 50 and is a new empty nester.

She started a community called Sober Sis where she has helped over 20,000 women from all over the world. SoberSis is a like-minded community of women who are renegotiating their relationship with alcohol w/o labels, shame, judgment or rules. She has a 21 day reset challenge that she started because she wanted to share what she has learned and experienced firsthand.

The biggest takeaway that I had was that I just want to be present and clear minded. This conversation really gave me a pull to be intentional about that! 

What we talked about:

5:10- Introduction to Jen 

12:30- Going alcohol free

21:25- Being on a different page as her husband in her decision to quit drinking

32:45- Drinking as a parent

34:30- Talking to your kids about drinking

35:30- What her alcohol intake looked like when she was drinking and why she felt the need to quit drinking

50:20- Making an intention to thrive versus slipping into survival mode

58:00- Being open with her kids about her drinking journey

1:16:30- What she orders for non-alcholic drinks at a restaurant

1:18:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Sober Sis Website

21 Day Reset Challenge

This Side of Alcohol by Peggy Cooney

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

Alcohol Explained by William Porter

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