Episode 359: Keira D’Amato – New American Record in the Marathon; 2:19:12

Keira D’Amato just recently broke the American Record in the marathon at the Houston Marathon in a time of 2:19:12. The record was previously held by Deena Kastor since 2006 at the London Marathon. To see Keira break this record was truly inspirational!

Keira was first on the podcast in January of 2020 right after she ran a 2:34 in Berlin. She has since been on two other times: episode 244 and episode 293 after she ran a 2:22:56 at the Marathon Project.

Keira is a realtor, she is the mom of two, and is sponsored by Nike. In this episode, we talk about her new American record, her training, her coach, and what all of this means to her.

This episode was pulled from an Instagram live that I did. I have recently done some really fun Instagram live interviews with guests including Molly Huddle, Sara Vaugh, Laura Thweatt, Emma Bates, Shalane Flanagan, and Courtney Frerichs. You can find those interviews and stay in the loop about future IG lives over on my Instagram, @LindseyHein626.

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