Episode 358: Hayden Hawks – Taking the Ultra Running Scene by Storm Since 2016

Hayden Hawks is on the show today! Hayden is sponsored by Hoka and he has won so many ultra races, I don’t even think that I can name them all! He holds the course record at the JFK 50 miler and won that race in 2020 in 5:18:40. He has won the Chuckanut 50k, the Broken Arrow Sky Race 52k, Black Canyon 100k, the North Face Lavaredo 120k, UTMB CCC, Moab Red Hot 55k, and so many more!

In 2016, when he just started ultra and mountain running, he won the mountain running world championships which was the first time in USA history. In this episode, we talk about his breakout race in 2016 when he signed up for the Speedgoat 50k right before the race and ended up winning the whole thing. We talk about Western States which he ran last year and did not have the race that he desired. He has worked on all of those things that he thinks caused the problems at the end of the race and is heading back there this year to try it again!

Hayden is the father of two and he is also a coach. He has such an amazing mindset and the joy that he has for running in contagious!

What we talked about:

5:30- Hayden’s day of training

7:40- Advice for becoming a better hill runner

9:50- Embracing the hurt from a hard run

11:20- How he met his wife

14:35- The first trail race that Hayden won

18:35- Downhill running on the trails

19:50- Sky racing

24:35- His mentality when a race isn’t going well

29:30- His recovery process

31:25- Being a dad of 2 and how that has affected training

35:50- His first 100k race

38:00- Racing the 100 miler and DNFing the races

43:50- His upcoming schedule of racing and preparing to race in the heat

55:10: His most meaningful race win

57:10- His mental training to be so tough in races

1:02:15- What he hopes to pass on to his children in terms of running and his love for the outdoors

1:08:25- His upcoming year of racing

1:10:45- His sponsorship with Hoka

1:15:20- His mentality during training and racing

1:18:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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