Episode 356: Molly Grabill – 2:29 at CIM

Molly Grabill recently ran a 2:29:17 at the California International Marathon where she placed 2nd. That was just her 3rd marathon. She ran the Grandma’s Marathon in 2019 in 2:35 and she ran the Olympic Trials in 2020 placing 25th in 2:37. Molly has been training in Boulder with the RISE Athletics. That is Nell Rojas and her dad’s training group. She trained with them for 8 weeks before CIM so we get to hear what her training looked like heading into this race. Molly also works full time for a Cyber Security company so she has a full plate on top of training really hard for marathons.

Molly ran for the University of Oregon in college where she was a 5-time All American. She took some time off in 2020 and came back and worked really hard to break 2:30 at CIM. That just speaks volumes to the thought that sometimes we need some rest to come back stronger!

Molly is really sweet and kind and I hope that you enjoy getting to know her in this episode of the podcast!

Photo credit: Nate Caster

Photo from Molly Grabill

What we talked about: 

4:20- Recapping placing 2nd at CIM

5:00- Molly’s college running career and finding longevity in the sport

8:35- Being coached by Maurica Powell

9:45- The car accident that she got into during college

15:35- Molly’s full time job

25:00- The various teams that Molly has been on in Boulder and who she is currently training with

27:15- Taking a break from running during the pandemic

28:30- The Indy Monumental race

32:05- Racing at the Olympic Trials

39:00- Her training leading up to breaking 2:30 at CIM

47:15- Her relationship with Morgan Pearson, an Olympic triathlete

50:20- Goals for 2022

53:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer

Passing by Nella Larsen

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