Episode 354: Grace Barnett; Breakthrough Year: 7th at the Olympic Trials & 2nd at the USATF 5k Champs

Grace Barnett runs with the Mammoth Track Club and is coached by Andrew Kastor. She is also a STEM lab teacher for an elementary school. Grace was 7th place at the Olympic Trials this summer in the 1500m where she ran a 4:05 in the final!

Grace ended by being a three time All-American at Clemson University after initially being a walk-on for the team. In November, the weekend of the NYC Marathon, she placed 2nd at the USATF 5k Championships.

In this episode, we hear about what it is like to live in Mammoth and work with Andrew and Deena Kastor.

Grace is one to be watching in the coming year!

What we talked about:

4:15- Recapping her race at the USATF 5k Championships where she finished 2nd

5:55- Her work as a teacher and balancing that as a professional runner

8:10- Why she decided to move to Mammoth to train professionally and what it is like living there

14:35- Growing up on the beach in South Carolina

18:50- Walking onto the team at Clemson University

22:10- Living far away from home

24:00- How she met her fiance

29:30- Her fiance being deployed in the spring

31:10- Earning a scholarship

34:00- Her fifth year at Clemson

36:20- What it was like when she first joined the team at Mammoth Track Club

38:10- Who she trains with

39:35- The family feel that she has on the Mammoth Track Club with Deena and Andrew Kastor

41:15- The community that she has in Mammoth

42:15- Her race at the Olympic Trials

44:55- Her mindset after finishing 7th at the Olympic Trials

46:10- Finding the right mindset with running as a professional

49:00- Her fiance’s military experience

51:25- Her experience at the Sir Walter Mile

55:20- Just missing the Olympic standard in the 5k

57:45- What she is going to focus on in training

58:40- Her favorite thing about working with Andrew Kastor as a coach

1:03:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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