Episode 353: Michelle Baxter; Sub 3 at CIM

You know that I love a good sub-3 hour marathon story and that is what we are bringing you today! Michelle Baxter just recently ran a 2:58 at CIM. This has been an 8 year journey for her and she has had two kids in the process. Michelle trains and lives in Alaska! In this episode, she shares about her training for the race, what she did differently with her nutrition, her fueling strategy during the race, and how the race went. Michelle is a really fun follow on Instagram, she is @therunnersplate over there!

What we talked about:

3:45- Recapping her recent breakout race at CIM

5:50- Her start to running marathons

7:40- What her training looked like for her first marathon

9:00- Living and training in Alaska

12:50- Michelle’s path to breaking 3 hours

18:10- Her most recent training cycle

22:25- The running community in Alaska

27:30- Recapping her race at CIM where she ran a sub-3 hour marathon

37:00- Her fueling strategy for this marathon

44:15- The strength training that she incorporated into her training

53:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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