Episode 351: Jess Hofheimer – 3:09 marathon at 45. Beauty in the process.

Jess Hofheimer just ran a 2 minute personal best at the California International Marathon. This PR was 8 years in the making. She ran a 3:11 in Boston 8 years ago. There are a lot of layers in Jess’ story but the one thing that rings true in Jess’ story is that there is a lot of beauty in the long game and in having patience and in believing in the process. Jess talks to us about her process to getting to this PR, her experience with disordered eating and how seeing a therapist has changed her life, working with her coach David Roche, and so much more!

Jess also has a coaching business, is the mom of 3, and has an art business.

What we talked about:

5:40- Running a PR at CIM

21:05- Her marathoning journey over the last couple of years while recovering from an eating disorder

39:00- Continuing to chase personal bests later in life

43:55- Deciding when to chase big goals

46:15- Having faith in her coach’s plan

54:40- Advice she would give herself over the past 8 years

Show notes:

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