Episode 350: Colin Bennie – 7th Place & Top American at the Boston Marathon

Colin Bennie was the top American at the Boston Marathon. He placed 7th and ran a 2:11.26. This was just his third marathon and his first marathon major. Colin ran for Syracuse University and was part of a national championship team there. He placed 9th at the Olympic Trials in 2020 which was his marathon debut. He qualified for that race at the Houston Half Marathon. He was third at The Marathon Project last year where he ran a 2:09 marathon.

He is coached by Chris Fox at the Reebok Boston Track Club who was also his college coach. It was interesting to hear from someone that is being coached professionally by their college coach!

I cannot wait to see everything that Colin does in his running career!

Photo credit: Benjamin Weingart

Photo from Colin Bennie.

What we talked about:

3:50- Catching up with Colin

6:00- Running the Boston Marathon in the fall

7:45- Goals heading into his race at the Boston Marathon

9:05- How it felt to run his first major marathon and comparing it to his two previous marathons

11:30- Why he decided to run the Boston Marathon

12:35- Thoughts on the course at the Boston Marathon

15:00- His thoughts during the race when CJ Albertson took the lead

20:55- His thought process while running with the leaders during the race

24:45- Debuting the marathon at the Olympic Trials

29:30- Training with Reebok Boston Track Club

35:40- What he learned from the Boston Marathon and what he’ll take into the next race

38:50- How he switched his mindset around when the race got hard in Boston

41:55- Coach Fox’s marathon training approach

45:20- Colin’s demeanor on race day

48:35- Running a 2:09 marathon at the Marathon Project

54:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Colin on Instagram

Range by David Epstein

Dune by Frank Herbert

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