Episode 346: Sabrina Little – 5-Time Ultrarunning US National Champion on Philosophy, Running, and Motherhood

Sabrina Little is an ultrarunner. She is a 5-time US Champion, a 5-time US national team member, a world silver medalist, a team gold medalist from 2013, and she previously held both the 24-hour and the 200k American Records. She placed 12th in the 2018 Trail World Championships in Spain to score for Team USA’s Bronze Medal. In 2019, she ran the fastest 100k and 50 mile times for women in the US. She is sponsored by Hoka, she is a new mom, and she teaches philosophy at Morehead State University. We get into all the motherhood things, the running things, and the philosophy things so this was a really well rounded conversation with Sabrina!

What we talked about:

3:45- Sabrina’s work

8:00- How Sabrina got into running

12:40- How Sabrina will cultivate a love for outdoors for her daughter

15:50- Sabrina’s decision to step away from the team and pursue ultrarunning in college

21:30- Running for Hoka

25:10- Sabrina’s work in philosophy and how she got into it

31:30- How Sabrina balances her belief in God and her belief in science

39:15- How she ensures that she is living a flourishing life with all that she does

48:55- How Sabrina and her husband met

50:50- What postpartum running looked like for her and her upcoming running goals

1:00:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Sabrina’s Website

Sabrina on Instagram

Why Football Matters by Mark Edmundson

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

The Four Loves by CS Lewis

The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr

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