Episode 56: Shelby Gil – Water safety

Shelby Gil is my sister and she is on the podcast today! Shelby teaches survival swim and is a PediaSwim instructor. We talk about what she does with kids and teaching them how to float and survive in the water and reasons why you might want to consider doing this with your own kids. I hope that this episode gives you some knowledge about water safety and makes you feel a bit better about keeping your kids safe in the water!

What we talked about:

4:05- How Shelby named this podcast

5:30- Why Shelby started teaching survival swimming

10:00- What PediaSwim is and the method that Shelby teaches

17:40- How parents can continue to teach these methods with their children after the lessons

20:45- Horizontal swimming position

28:25- How Shelby handles children crying in her swim lessons

34:15- The various types of survival swim programs

37:50- Having help from your parents with your kids

39:50- End of podcast questions

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