Episode 55: Ash Brandin – Healthy relationships with screens and video games

Ash Brandin is a middle school social studies teacher who thinks that school should feel as motivating as a game. Ash creates lessons and structures that motivate like games. I have already learned so much from their Instagram page around the topic of video games and I feel a lot of relief because video games have been a bit of a struggle in our household and I know that I have not always reacted the way that I should.

In this episode, Ash breaks down how to set up a structure and a routine so that your kids can have a healthy relationship with gaming. A lot of times, the problem isn’t the video game itself, it is the expectations around when it is time to play the video game and things like that. We can own this experience and it doesn’t have to be a negative one! Screens and video games aren’t going anywhere so this episode helps to set expectations and boundaries around these things. There are also a lot of positives that can come from video games and Ash really dives into that.


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