Episode 343: Nell Rojas – 6th place in Boston, patience is the way forward

Nell Rojas just finished 6th at the Boston Marathon as the first American woman! What an exciting race for Nell. She ran a 2:27:12 which is around a minute PR for her. This was only Nell’s fourth marathon and her first Major Marathon. She had some big wins over the last couple of months. She won her first national championship at the US 10 Mile Championships and she also won the Cooper River Bridge Road Run. In this episode, she tells us about what she thought about the Boston Marathon course, what she will do differently to train for Boston in the future, her current sponsorship situation, she recaps her race, and so much more!

If you want to hear more about Nell’s backstory, make sure to go check out the first time that Nell was on the podcast on episode 322.

Photo credit: Michael Scott

What we talked about:

3:45- Recapping her Boston Marathon race and her mindset after the race

8:45- Her goals going into the race and how she is feeling with her actual performance

10:55- How the race played out and how Nell felt while leading the race

13:55- When the move happened during the race and what Nell’s mentality was during it

17:00- The Boston Marathon course and all of the hills

18:05- When the race got hard for Nell

19:25- What she would change in her training to be more prepared for Boston

23:10- Nell’s favorite part of the race

23:55- What it felt like coming into the finish knowing she would finish top 10 and first American

25:30- Celebrating the success even when she had bigger goals for the race

27:20- Knowing that she has a long career ahead of her 

30:15- Winning the US 10 mile championship

32:55- Spring racing plans

35:00- Nell’s sponsorship situation

36:20- The shoes that Nell races in

Show notes:

Nell on Episode 322 of the I’ll Have Another Podcast

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