Episode 342: Emma Bates – Second place at the 2021 Chicago Marathon

Emma Bates just placed 2nd at the Chicago Marathon in a time of 2:24:20. So exciting to see her execute that race so well! This was Emma’s 5th marathon. She ran the Chicago Marathon in 2019 in 2:25:27 where she placed 4th. She tells us all about the race in this episode and how she executed that, what it’s been like training with Team Boss, being sponsored by Asics, and so much more!

Emma was on the podcast back in 2018 on episode 156 after she won the CIM marathon so make sure to go back and give that one a listen!

Photo credit: Joe Hale (@jkh_photo)

Photo via Emma Bates

What we talked about:

4:40- Recapping her race at the Chicago Marathon

6:55- Mindset going into the Chicago Marathon

9:00- Coming off of disappointing races over the past couple of years

10:40- Joining Team Boss

15:40- Being sponsored by Asics and being on the podium with Sara Hall

17:55- Her mindset throughout the race

23:55- Looking ahead to her potential in future races

24:40- Preference for type of marathon courses

25:50- Being a part of Team Boss

29:40- Celebrations after the race

31:20- Her energy before a race

32:45- How it feels to have podiumed at a World Major Marathon

34:15- Being coached by Joe Bosshard

40:50- End of podcast questions

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