Episode 54: Amy Mockbee – Partnering with teachers, screen time, and giving yourself grace as a parent

Amy Mockbee is with the individualized early childhood consulting company, Work and Play. We had her confounder, Emily Boucher, on the show on episode 45 talking about fostering independence in your children. Amy has been teaching preschool for over 23 years and has a lot of experience! Amy and I talk about partnering with teachers, screen time, and giving yourself grace as a parent.  

What we talked about:

3:55- Being able to tell birth order with kids at school

7:35- Being nervous about your child going to school after they haven’t had socialization due to COVID

10:15- Handling tough drop offs at preschool

18:55- Supporting teachers and working with them as “partners”

33:45- Screen time for kids

47:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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