Episode 341: Julie Culley – 2012 Olympian and Sports Marketing Manager at Brooks on Career and Motherhood

Julie Culley is currently the Sports Marketing Manager for Brooks Running. Before that position, Julie was the Director of Track and Field and Cross Country for Georgetown University. Before coaching, Julie ran professionally and made the 2012 Olympics in the 5000m. Her husband and her also own 5 specialty run stores called Pacers. She has had an inside look at the sport in so many different areas.

Julie is also the mom of 3 and just had her 3rd son. In this episode, we get into all sorts of running talk, being a head coach and director, and also what she is doing now at Brooks.

What we talked about:
3:50- How Julie is doing 8 weeks postpartum
10:15- When Julie fell in love with running
12:05- Her coaches that played a role in her becoming interested in coaching
15:00- Julie’s professional running career
19:35- Being coached by Frank Gagliano
29:20- Julie’s favorite memories from the Olympics
33:30- Bringing her own athletic experiences into her coaching
34:35- The decision to start her coaching career and the development of her coaching career at Georgetown
38:20- Women in coaching
48:45- Coaching Josette Norris
58:00- The decision to step away from coaching and work for Brooks
1:07:05- What she misses about coaching
1:10:05- How working with a life coach changed her coaching style
1:14:20- Parenting
1:16:30- End of podcast questions

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