Episode 100: A Supper Club Style Celebration with all 5 Illuminate Hosts

Episode 100: A Supper Club Style Celebration with all 5 Illuminate Hosts

Pull up a chair and join us for a “Supper Club” style celebration. Back at the beginning of the podcast, the original hosts would share episodes from their supper club. We bring back that tradition to celebrate 100 Episodes!

Dive into some “deep” conversations with all 5 of your Illuminate Podcast Hosts. Learn where the podcast started from original hosts and creators, Kristin and Lindsey. Then Emma, Mariam, and Emmy join the fun through a series of questions you can totally borrow for your next supper club.  

In this episode, you will learn all about your hosts, but you’re also going to walk away with some excellent “life nuggets” and a better understanding of each host and what they bring to the Illuminate Family – not to mention some fabulous questions for your next friend hangout. We are so glad you’re listening!

This episode was moderated by Emmy, but it took the whole host team!

Show notes:

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