Episode 337: Heather MacLean – First Olympic team in the 1500m for Team New Balance Boston

Heather MacLean recently made her first Olympic team this summer in the 1500m for Team USA! She runs for Team New Balance Boston and is coached by Mark Coogan. She is from Massachusetts and went to the University of Massachusetts. That 1500m for the Olympics this summer was a really hard team to make so it was really exciting to see her make that team!

In this episode, we hear about her journey to making that Olympic team, what her first Olympic experience was like, how everything is settling in now that it has all wrapped up, and so much more!

What we talked about:

4:05- What Heather has been up to since the Olympics

9:10- Seeing herself as an underdog going into the Olympic Trials and her mindset going into the race

12:55- Being coached by Mark Coogan

14:25- Training with Elle Purrier St. Pierre

17:10- Deciding to work with Mark Coogan as her coach

20:15- Having belief in herself that she could become an Olympian and working her way up to getting a contract with New Balance

28:10- Having a later development in running

32:35- Heather’s undergraduate and graduate degrees

34:40- Heather’s experience growing up with seven siblings and a single mother

51:15- Her Olympic experience

55:15- How she is feeling post Olympics

1:00:30- What she has learned from Jenny Simpson

1:02:30- Advice to anyone running a mile race

1:02:55- Heather’s favorite workout

1:03:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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