Episode 50: Megan Michelson & Mary Flo Ridley – Sex. How and when do we talk to our kids about it

Megan Michelson & Mary Flo Ridley are on the podcast today! They teach us through a simple online course that give parents the tools and confidence to talk to their young kids about sex. Mary Flo has been doing this for over 30 years and Megan joined her team just a few years ago. They teach us to educate and empower our kids through building a foundation for future conversations to protect them from dangers on and offline and to have the power of the first impression.

If you enjoyed this conversation, check out their online course for parents of kids ages 1-10. You can use the code “Lindsey20” for 20% off their online course here

What we talked about:

4:25- How they each got involved in educating parents about talking with your children about sex

13:05- When to introduce the topic of sex with your kids

18:00- Bringing up the conversation with your children

25:30- Getting on the same page with your partner about how you will have these conversations

28:45- Becoming comfortable with having these conversations about sex with your kids

33:05- What to do if your child sees pornography

37:50- Appropriate ages to stop taking showers with your children and when your kids should stop bathing together

41:30- Conversations to have with your kids about body exploration

55:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr.

What God Has to Say About Our Bodies

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Use the code “Lindsey20” for 20% off their course

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