Episode 335: Amanda Eccleston – 4:25 miler talks about retirement and new coaching job

Amanda Eccleston recently retired and just ran her last professional race at the Sir Walter Miler! She was a professional 1500m runner and a miler for 8 years running for Brooks. In 2016, she placed 4th in the 1500m at the US Olympic Trials, leaning at the line with Brenda Martinez for that 3rd place spot. She has a lifetime mile PR of 4:25. She ran for Hillsdale College and then for the University of Michigan. She is now the assistant coach for Central Michigan University cross country and track and field.

In this episode, we talk about her professional running career and what it now feels like to be retired, her new coaching career, her favorite workouts for training for a mile, and more!

What we talked about:

3:35- Amanda’s retirement from professional running

6:50- Amanda’s 2016 Olympic Trials experience placing 4th

14:55- Her training leading into the 2020 Olympic Trials

19:20- Her relationship with her sponsor Brooks

24:10- Her new job as the assistant coach at Central Michigan University

30:25- Amanda’s running career

35:50- What Amanda pulls from each of her coaches for her own coaching career

40:35- The coaches that she looks up to

43:45- Her husband’s running

49:10- Best advice for anyone trying to run a fast mile and some of her favorite workouts

52:20- The Sir Walter Mile and why Amanda decided to have that as her last professional race

55:45- The difference of racing a 1500m and a mile on the track

58:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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