Episode 334: Katie Nageotte – 2021 Olympic Pole Vault Champion

Katie Nageotte is back on the podcast today!  Katie is the brand new Olympic champion in the pole vault from this summer! She has a personal best of  4.95 meters which is 16 feet 2 inches. She was 5th at the Olympic Trials in 2016 so she had a huge year this year to not only make the Olympic team but to also win the gold medal! Katie was first on the show back in 2018 on episode 142. If you want to learn more about her and her background with pole vaulting, go back and listen to that episode! 

She is really open and honest about fear with pole vaulting and she shares about that in this episode! We also recap her Olympic experience, talk about her relationship with other athletes on the pole vault circuit, what she has changed since switching coaches, and so much more!

What we talked about:

6:55- The changes that she made in her training with her new coach

11:55- Why she started working with her coach Brad

15:00- Learning to have a strong work ethic

16:35- What she would tell herself after she missed the Olympics in 2016

18:30- Katie’s recap of the Olympics

26:30- Thinking about her dad during competitions

30:00- Having fear while pole vaulting

34:15- Her relationship with her other USA teammates

37:15- Winning the gold medal at her first Olympics

44:20- Katie’s boyfriend

49:00- End of podcast questions

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