Episode 333: Jenny Simpson – 3x Olympian & medalist heads to the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Jenny Simpson returns to the podcast today after recently announcing that she is going to be racing the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. This is a huge shift in what she normally does. She usually focuses on the 1500m and she is a 3-time Olympian. She won a Bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics and she has both a Gold and Silver medal from the World Championships.

She was first on the show in June of 2019 on episode 188. In that episode she shares all about her running career and it is a great introduction to Jenny!

In this episode, we talk about social media, her experience at the Olympic Trials this summer, her decision to transition to race the 10 miler, and so much more!

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Photo credit: Jason Suarez (@notafraid2fail)

What we talked about:

4:30- Chit chat

10:30- Transitioning to longer distance races

20:30- Jenny’s day to day routine while training

24:05- Jenny’s training and running high mileage

26:00- Thoughts on potentially moving up to the marathon

36:20- How she feels as she ages

43:30- Advice to younger athletes in regards to social media

45:45- Jenny’s social media habits

55:15- Recapping this summer’s Olympic Trials

1:05:30- Plans to return to the 1500m

1:07:35- Post Olympic advice to other athletes

1:10:10- What she is learning in this stage of her life and career

1:15:55- Her thoughts on retirement from running

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