Episode 95: Mariam Muzaffar – Joining The Illuminate Podcast Team!

Today’s episode is extra special because our guest, Mariam, will actually be joining us as a new host for The Illuminate Podcast! We as a team are so excited for her to join us and I am so sure that you will be too after you listen to this episode!!

Mariam has worn so many hats in her professional career. She started out as a divorce lawyer for the super-rich in London and then went on to lead and grow a brand consultancy agency in NYC. She now is the Director of Customer Success at a performance marketing company. 

She is also currently working on a thriller novel and we get to hear all about that work in this episode!

In this episode, Mariam shares all about following your heart and switching career paths, leading a team and making sure everyone feels included, how living in other countries has impacted her day to day life, how giving back brings positivity into your own life, why she is excited to be joining The Illuminate podcast team, and so much more!

I am so excited to welcome Mariam to the podcast team and I hope you all enjoy learning more about her today!

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