Episode 332: Sarah Canney – Mount Washington Recap & Choosing to get off of Social Media

Sarah is a friend of mine and she was on the show all the way back on episode 57. She is the founder and host of the Rise Run Retreat, a snowshoe runner, entrepreneur, and mother. Sarah’s mission is to help women gain confidence, find strength and make authentic connections through running. Rise.Run.Retreat. is a women’s running retreat for all paces, races, ages and running abilities, based in New England.

Sarah recently went completely off of Instagram and we dive into that decision in this episode!

What we talked about:

6:20- What Sarah has been up to

9:30- Training for and racing the Mount Washington Road Race

12:40- Following her love for mountain running

20:30- The decision to get off of Instagram

44:00- Resources to check into if you feel too attached to social media

46:05- Kids and screen time

50:10- How going off of social media has impacted her business

52:50- What Rise Run Retreat is

1:04:05- Sarah’s newsletter

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Rise Run Retreat

Sarah’s Website

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