Episode 94: TinaMarie Hernandez – Imagine the Possibilities

TinaMarie Hernandez is the Executive Director of Diveheart;  a non-profit organization that provides and supports educational SCUBA diving, surface supplies gas (SSG), snorkeling and related experience programs which are open to any child, adult and veteran with a disability; with the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value to that person, while building confidence, independence and self esteem … enriching their quality of life and human spirit.

Diveheart is such an incredible program and we get to learn all about it in this episode!

This episode is hosted by Lindsey Hein.

What we talked about:

3:15- TinaMarie’s backstory and how she got involved in Diveheart

9:45- Why Diveheart was founded

14:50- The power of being underwater for people with disabilities

20:00- Challenging your fears

23:50- How Diveheart trains people throughout the US and world to carry on their mission

27:00- The trips that they offer

28:30- The services that they offer to veterans

32:05- TinaMarie’s journey to learning how to dive and how we can all try it out

35:10- End of podcast questions

Show Notes: 

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Recommended Book:

The Obstacle is the way – Ryan Holiday




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