Episode 46: Melani Rayen – Montessori Education

Melani Rayen is the mother of two and is Montessori Certified and shares all about gentle parenting and raising readers over on her Instagram. In this episode, we talk about what Montessori schooling environments look like and why she thinks they are a great decision for her family. In this episode we also talk about giving our kids the freedom to choose and what her idea of coding is and how to implement it with your own kids. We also talk about how the way we were raised as children might not look exactly the same as we raise our kids now and how we handle that as parents.

What we talked about:

4:10- Deciding to implement Montessori learning into her children’s’ lives

8:20- Being present with your children

11:10- Giving your children the freedom to choose

16:50- Implementing small learning activities throughout the day with your kids

19:45- Coding for kids

25:45- Creating a community in India of other parents that are interested in Montessori learning

28:45- Raising our children different than we were raised by our parents

32:05- How children that are big readers can be more empathetic

37:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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