Episode 44: Kristen Raney – Shifting Roots

Kristen is a gardener. She has a beautiful cut flower garden and she also grows vegetables. She helps new gardeners learn to grow vegetables and beautify their yard. She shares recipes that you can make from the vegetables that you grow in your backyard. 

Kristen lives with her family in Canada with her husband and 3 kids. In this episode, she shares all about starting both a vegetable and flower garden in your backyard, her favorite vegetables to grow to feed her family, her son’s autism diagnosis and advice for other parents walking through that, and more!

What we talked about:

3:45- Introduction to Whitney and her family

9:10- Having a c-section while being a professional musician

12:30- Receiving an autism diagnosis for her son

16:05- Working on her marriage when her and her husband felt like they had become distanced

17:15- Starting her gardening work

19:40- Flowers to avoid planting

21:40- Where to start to create a cut flower garden

24:45- Benefits of using a raised bed garden

25:50- Her business and passion of making bouquets for weddings

28:55- Moving with her family

30:45- What zones mean with gardening

34:40- Favorite vegetables to grow to feed the family

35:45- Why to plant marigolds by certain vegetables

37:10- Favorite gardeners on social media to follow

38:20- End of podcast questions

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