Episode 327: Kate Grace – 2016 Olympian races to her first Diamond League victory & 3 personal bests in 9 days

Kate Grace is on the show today! Kate is a 2016 Olympian and she won the USA Olympic Trials in the 800m. She finished 8th at the 2016 Olympics. She went on to qualify for the 2017 World Championships in the 1500m the following year. Kate recently left the Bowerman Track Club and joined Team Boss and is coached by Joe Bosshard. This summer after not making the Olympic team, she went on to set 3 personal bests in 9 days and won her first Diamond League. Her new 800m personal best of 1:57.2 puts her at the 8th fastest American all time  and 7th fastest in the world in 2021. 

In this episode, we talk about her experience winning the 2016 Olympic Trials and becoming an Olympian, learning from several different coaches throughout her professional running career, coaching changes, training with Team Boss, and so much more!

What we talked about:

5:45- Kate’s summer of racing

8:30- Mindset going into the Olympic Trials being the reigning champion in the 800m

11:30- Reflecting on the 2016 Olympic Trials race

15:05- Making the final at the 2016 Olympics

17:25- Cheering on your competitors

18:55- Deciding to go back to racing the 800m and transitioning to training with Team Boss

25:20- Being a late bloomer in her running career

26:35- Believing in herself even when her career wasn’t going how she wanted

36:30- Transitioning to different coaches and training groups

44:30- Training with Team Boss

48:20- Trusting your body when you feel an injury coming on

52:05- Recapping her last few races and running three personal bests

56:45- Balancing the low of not making the Olympic team and the high of her recent race results

1:01:45- Not defining your career by the Olympics

1:04:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

When Breath Becomes Air

The Year of Magical Thinking

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