Episode 43: Suzanne and Kim Wade – 4 kids in 20 months to empty nesters in one year

Suzanne and Kim Wade are on the show today! Their daughter, Becky Wade, was on my running podcast, I’ll Have Another, a few years ago. Becky is a professional marathon runner and she wrote a book called Run the World where she wrote about her experience traveling around the world running with different cultures.

Suzanne and Kim had two sets of twins within 20 months of one another. They are both lawyers and now are empty nesters. In this episode, we talk about sports, giving kids the opportunity to try new things, setting boundaries, developing young leaders, and encouraging our kids to have jobs when they are teenagers. 

I really admire the passion that Kim and Suzanne have for showing up for their kids no matter what.

What we talked about:

5:30- Having two sets of twins

7:20- Staying home with the kids temporarily and then transitioning back into the workforce

8:25- Putting the kids in activities and sports

13:25- What they each pulled from their own parent’s parenting styles

16:25- Managing the kids’ arguments and complaints

19:35- Encouraging your kids to have jobs and do chores

24:20- Becoming an empty nester

30:25- Being grandparents and seeing their kids parent

35:00-Making and cultivating friendships at different stages of life

37:35- Setting boundaries with your children

47:30- Giving each child individualized attention

55:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Sonny Elephant

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Hank the Cowdog books

American Wolf

A Quantum Life

Run the World by Becky Wade

Becky Wade on the I’ll Have Another Podcast

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