Episode 324: Courtney Frerichs – American Record Holder & World Silver Medalist Makes her Second Olympic Team

Courtney Frerichs just made her second Olympic Team as a steeplechaser for Team USA! Courtney trains with the Bowerman Track Club and is a 2017 World Championships Silver Medalist, 2016 Olympian, and the American Record holder in the steeplechase!

In this episode, we talk about her experience at the Olympic Trials and making her second Olympic team, improving her times in the 1500m and 5000m in 2020 and how that improved her confidence, being coached by Shalane Flanagan, and more.

If you want to hear more from Courtney and learn more about her running career, she was also on Episode 50 & Episode 86. Episode 86 was after she won the silver medal after the 2017 World Championships so we recapped that race in that episode! 

Photo credit: Courtney White

What we talked about:

3:25- The difference between the 2016 Olympic trials and 2020 Olympic trials for her and the pressure that she felt this time around

6:40- Falling in the prelims at the Olympic Trials

10:30- Seeing the US women’s steeplechase progress

12:05- Balancing being ready for the Olympic Trials but still leaving room to peak at the Olympics

14:30- The Bowerman Track Club’s performances at the Olympic Trials

22:10- Improving her 5k and 1500m times during 2020 and how that changed her confidence

28:25- The injury that she dealt with in the buildup to the Olympic Trials

30:50- The struggles with confidence that she has faced in her running career and how she has worked on that

38:55- Having Shalane Flanagan as one of her coaches

40:50- Her feelings after making her second Olympic team

49:10- Comments on Shelby Houlihan’s ban

56:55- Working on getting her master’s degree

Show notes:

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