Episode 320: Josette Norris- 14:51 at The Track Meet and ready for the 5,000m at the Olympic Trials

Josette Norris is on the podcast today! Josette is sponsored by Reebok and is a part of the Reebok Boston Track Club. She is about to compete in the 5,000m at the Olympics Trials. Josette has been having a breakthrough spring season. She got her Olympic Trials Qualifier back in February when she ran a 15:19 5,000m. Then she had her first professional win in the 1500m at the Drake Relays. Recently, at the Sound Running Track Meet in May she ran a 14:51 for the 5,000m and took 2nd in that race. Most recently she won a 1500m in a 4:06. 

In this episode, Josette shares about getting to where she is now and what the transition from a high school to a collegiate to a professional runner looked like. This really inspired me to keep working hard and continuing to pursue things that I am passionate about!

I am so excited to see what she does at the trials!

Photo credit: Kevin Morris

What we talked about:

4:05- Final preparations before the Olympic Trials

7:30- What it feels like to now be on everyone’s radar after she’s had a breakout season

9:55- How the extra year of the Olympic being delayed has positively impacted Josette

11:45- Being coached by Coach Fox at the Reebok Boston Track Club

18:20- Pursuing professional running even after struggling with setbacks in college

26:00- Why Josette transferred from UNC to Georgetown

29:30- Building confidence in herself and sharing her goals during her collegiate career

32:15- Her decision to work with Reebok as her sponsor

35:00- Winning the Drake Relays

38:25- Mindset while stepping on the line with some of the top professional athletes and talking about her 14:51 5k

51:10- What she has learned from her fiancé, Robby Andrews

57:30- How Josette and Robby met

1:01:25- Recapping her season of racing so far before the Olympic Trials

1:06:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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