Episode 318: Amy Cragg; 2x Olympian, 2017 World Championships Bronze Medalist & New Puma Running Coach

Amy Cragg is on the show today! Amy recently announced her retirement from professional running. She is now going to be a coach with Puma and coach alongside her husband Alistair Cragg. This is a new professional team training in the Raleigh area. When I talked with Erin Longin of Puma on Episode 306 we talked about how Puma is getting more involved in the distance running scene and we get to hear more about that in this conversation with Amy.

Amy had such an amazing professional running career herself. She placed 9th at the 2016 Olympics in the marathon. That was the year that Amy, Shalane Flanagan and Des Linden all took top 10 at the Olympics. We hear more in this episode about how she really felt about that experience. One of the biggest highlights of her career was when Amy won the bronze medal at the World Championships in 2017. She breaks that race down in this episode. She has a marathon PR of 2:21:42 and she also made the 2012 Olympics in the 10k.

Amy trained with the Bowerman Track Club and in this episode she shares with us about what it was like being coached by Jerry Schumacher and training with Shalane Flanagan.

I’ve wanted to interview Amy on this podcast for a long time so this was such a fun interview to do! I hope you all enjoy my conversation with Amy.

What we talked about:

4:10- Thoughts on her recent retirement from professional running

5:30- Deciding to become a coach for the new professional Puma Running team

8:30- Why they decided on Raleigh for the training location

10:10- The hardest part about being a professional distance runner

12:15- Coaching with her husband, Alistair, and what that will look like

14:00- The goals for the new Puma team

17:15- Thoughts on the Olympic Trials 10k race

18:45- What she learned from being coached by Jerry Schumacher and how he changed the trajectory of her career

22:55- Training with Shalane Flanagan

24:35- Reflecting on the 2016 Olympic Trials in the marathon

26:25- Reflecting on the 2017 World Championships race where she won the bronze medal and the training and mindset leading up to it

32:55- How she worked on her mindset during her career

36:10- Her thoughts after her performance at the Olympics in 2016

37:55- The lifestyle shift that she has had post retirement

41:10- Favorite places to train in the Raleigh area

43:05- What she is most looking forward to about working with Puma and the current athletes that she coaches

45:50- What it was like watching the Olympic marathon trials this year

48:55- End of podcast questions



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