Episode 90: Lia Valencia Key – Unlock your Purpose

Lia Valencia Key joins the show today! She is the founder of Valencia Key Jewelry where she creates beautiful wearable pieces of jewelry that are meant to inspire others to reach their full potential. She hand sketches each design with the intention to spread the message of empowering others to find their joy, love, dreams, and more! 

Lia has a story of humble beginnings where she grew up impoverished and homeless and experienced loss at a young age. In this episode, you’ll hear that story and how it inspired her to start Valencia Key and spread the message that her mother taught her – that your predicament does not determine your destiny.

Lia is such a light in this world and it was such a joy to get to talk to her! I hope that you enjoy my conversation with Lia and pull some inspiration from her.

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

Show notes:
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