Episode 316: Stefanie Flippin – 100 Mile National Champion, 6th fastest all time American woman

Stefanie Flippin recently had a breakthrough race and won the 100 USATF National Championship! She ran a 1 hour and 20 minute 100 mile PR in a time of 14:34:21, becoming the 6th fastest American woman of all time at that distance.

Stefanie co-owns a medical practice with her husband Mitchell where they are foot and ankle surgeons and she also coaches with Lift Run Perform. I LOVED hearing about Stefanie’s life and how she pursues multiple passions at such a high level.

In this episode, we get to hear about Stefanie’s big race and we also get to hear about taking the pressure off herself has helped have more success in running. We also got to hear about training to qualify for the Olympic Trials in 2019 and what she learned from that experience even though she didn’t run the time she’d hoped.

I seriously loved this conversation with Stefanie SO MUCH and I hope you will too!

What we talked about:

3:50- What Stefanie has been up to

6:45- Her recent win at the 100 mile USATF National Championships

8:30- Getting to a place where she has taken pressure off of herself in regards to her running

10:10- Falling short of running an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon and finding her love of running again

12:40- Why she decided to step away from ultras to train for the road marathon and try to get an OTQ

13:40- Running an 11 hour PR at the Tunnel Hill 100 miler

15:00- The difference between running a flat ultra vs a hilly ultra

16:20- Lining up at the 100 miler USATF championships against some of the top athletes, including Camille Herron

19:20- Her thoughts going into the national championship race

23:55- The loop course that they ran on at the 100 miler championship

26:00- Stefanie’s race plan and how she ended up feeling throughout the race

33:40- Where she goes from here coming off of this career defining moment

35:15- Having a medical practice with her husband and what they do as foot and ankle specialists

37:55- What 2020 looked like with their practice and being business owners

40:15- Pursuing big dreams in running but also pursuing big dreams as a doctor

42:40- Training with her husband and getting into ultra running together

47:30- Goal to run Western States and what her goals going into it would be

50:15- Believing in herself even when she wasn’t a race favorite

54:55- How Stefanie stays motivated and finds the goals that excite her

58:55- Coaching with Mary Johnson at Lift Run Perform

1:00:00- End of podcast questions

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