Episode 34: My husband Glenn Hein – Expert Tips from Non-Expert Parents

Today my husband Glenn joins me again for round two! If you haven’t listened to our first episode together on road tripping with kids, you can find it here in episode 28 of this podcast!

In this episode we share about our (Glenn’s camping adventure with our two biggest kids and also give thoughts on current real life parenting situations we are finding ourselves in on the regular. We are no experts but we are trying hard to do this well and have learned some lessons along the way. Sometimes we don’t always agree on in the moment decisions but later come to agreeing on the plan of action. We talk about those things in this episode as well as thoughts on letting our kids be bored and not feeling like we have to be their constant source of entertainment.

I hope you enjoy this laid back episode and a peek into everyday parenting with us! Thank you for being here. Keep up the good work. This is hard and you are doing a great job.

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