Episode 33: Wendy Demer – Meditation to help kids with stress and anxiety

Wendy Demer is on the show today to talk about helping our kids with anxiety and stress through meditation.

She is passionate about teaching others how to live a more balanced joyful life through meditation, self-development and increasing spiritual awareness. She educates teachers, parents, children, coaches and her peers in mindfulness, mediation and sport psychology.

In this episode we talk about how to implement meditation, deep breathing and a gratitude practice into our everyday lives with our own kids!

Let me know if you try the meditations with your kids friends!

What we talked about:

4:00- Wendy’s background working with kids as a teacher

8:35- Working on your own mental health as a parent and as a family as a whole

11:20- How old her kids were when she started getting into meditation and how it has been incorporated into their lives

13:00- How to incorporate meditation into your kid’s life to help decrease stress and the breathing techniques that she uses

18:45- How Wendy started working with athletes on meditation and breathwork

20:00- Helping our kids to understand their emotions

28:15- Tips to empower parents to implement meditation into their family’s lives

31:25- Allowing both ourselves and our kids to feel their feelings

34:15- Where people can find Wendy’s guided meditation

35:00- Wendy’s book, Empowering Our Future

35:55- End of podcast questions

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Wendy’s Website

Wendy’s Book – Empowering our Future

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