Episode 87: Ivy Lawson- Becoming an Entreprenuer

Ivy Lawson is the founder and owner of Logwood Company and Ivyees “Everything Honey”. Ivyees “Everything Honey” produces honey based health and beauty products, toothpaste, condiments, as well as their delicious honey. 

Before starting her own company, Ivy spent nearly 2 decades in the corporate world before seeking out her true passions and becoming an entrepreneur. 

In this episode, Ivy talks about being unhappy in the corporate world and what ultimately led her to become an entrepreneur, how she felt when she did not receive support from her family and friends when starting her company, the benefits of using honey in beauty products, hiring a team of employees as her business grew, and so much more!

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

What we talked about:

2:00- Introduction to Ivy Lawson

5:05- What lead her to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur

8:40- The process of moving to Jamaica and starting her business

10:35- How she felt when she did not receive support from her family and friends when starting her company

14:55- Her message to people that want to make a change in their careers

16:40- Where she sources her honey for

19:35- Benefits of using honey in beauty products

21:25- The difference between honey in the United States and Jamaica

25:35- Hiring a team of employees

27:45- The most successful moment that she has had in owning the business

30:50- Where they sell their products

32:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Book Recommendation: I am a Girl from Africa

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

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