Episode 32: Tessa Stuckey; Licensed Therapist – Cultural Influences Impacting our Teens

Tessa Stuckey is a licensed therapist working with teens and parents of teens. She is the author of  “For the Sake of our Youth” and also has a podcast that goes through the book chapter by chapter.
In this episode we talk about 6 cultural influences Tessa has identified that are impacting our teens and their mental health –  glorified options, immediate gratification, A lack of personal connection, Attention seeking behaviors, social media and pressure.
I hope this episode provides you with some tools to connect with your young kids and teens!
What we talked about:

3:30- Why Tessa wrote her book and the articles that lead to it

7:55- What lead Tessa to become a therapist

9:35- The clients that she works with as a therapist

11:15- Not projecting what happens with her clients on her own kids and what she has seen with mental health in teenagers

17:15- Where to set boundaries with kids using screens

20:40- The six cultural influences

37:25- Helping kids enjoy the fun part of technology without letting them become addicted and have the negative effects of it

41:45- Finding the screen time expectations to set for your kids

42:35- What technology she utilizes with her kids right now and what age that she feels like kids are ready to get phones and social media

52:05- The best memories that we have coming from outside of our technology

54:50- How Tessa balances her own social media usage

57:35- More on the six cultural influences

1:00:25- What parents can do with the knowledge about screens to put all of it into action

1:03:15- What to do when your child has suicidal ideations

1:05:10- End of podcast questions

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Think Again – Adam Grant

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