Episode 30: Sara Olsher – Talking with our Kids about Hard things – Divorce, Cancer and Life Changes

Sara Olsher shares solutions and tips for talking with kids about hard things like divorce, cancer diagnosis and other life changing circumstances.

Sara, a mother herself has been through it all- she battled cancer and divorce all before she turned 35 with a daughter in tow. While the world around her was constantly changing, Sara recognized that her daughter’s life was also changing. She questioned how to have conversations about these hard topics with her daughter, how to protect her, how to help her in every way possible as they developed a new normal.

As a result of these life circumstances, Sara founded Mighty + Bright, to help parents lead their children through the rough parts of life. Whether it be through divorce, a parent with cancer, a child with cancer, or a pandemic, Mighty + Bright has resources to aid parents and children.

From co-parenting, cancer, divorce, death, and uncertainty, Sara addresses the things that most people want to ignore and forget about. But Sara also believes that each person has the resilience to overcome unimaginable hardships and that we can all use our experiences to make the world a better place.

What we talked about:

2:35- Her passion for talking to your kids about divorce and other hard things

10:00- Talking with your kids about divorce and having a different family situation than others

16:30- Facing her own feelings with her cancer diagnosis while being strong for her daughter

22:45- The children’s books that she has written as resources for other parents

30:30- Sara’s nonprofit organization and her publishing company

33:00- Giving kids ownership

35:00- How people can help their friends going through a divorce or cancer diagnosis

41:00- Advice to someone going through divorce

42:10- Advice to someone who has a new cancer diagnosis

43:05- End of podcast questions

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The Snatcha Book

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