Episode 306: Erin Longin – Global Director Run/Train Business Unit at Puma

Puma has so many exciting things happening and I wanted to hear all about it! Erin Longin leads strategy and product creation for Puma Running, Training and Studio products including Footwear and Apparel. She oversees Product Management, Design and Marketing teams for global business unit.
In this episode, we discuss the launch of Puma’s new running shoe line as well as their new training group starting in North Carolina and more! Erin also talks about some of the recent athletes that they signed including Molly Seidel, Aisha Praught Leer, and Sandi Morris.
What we talked about:

3:25- The recent launch of the new Puma running line and some of their new running shoes

10:45- Their recent surge of sponsorship and marketing in distance running

15:20- The types of athletes that they look for to sign on as Puma athletes

15:50- Signing Molly Seidel and her debut races for Puma

22:05- The new group that they started in North Carolina

27:05- What the focus is for Puma the rest of the year

28:30- Erin’s various roles that she’s had at Puma and the biggest changes she has seen in the company over the 12 years she has worked there

30:55- Erin’s running background and her family

37:10- How Puma supported employees through COVID

40:00- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:


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