Episode 24: Nate Webb- Building resiliency and helping kids see their worth

Nate Webb joins the show today- he is a high school counselor who has a mission to build resiliency in schools and help kids see their worth.
In this episode, we talk about teaching our kids that they have infinite worth and making sure we are having the hard conversations with our kids on a regular basis. We also touch on staying on your toes with social media and kids early on – one of my biggest take aways is teaching my kids that people don’t need access to you 24/7 – which is what happens when you are on the internet all the time.
What we talked about:

3:25- Introduction to Nate Webb, his work as a school counselor, and his business Bullies Be Gone

8:50-  The advice that he got from his dad while he was being bullied

12:15- What it feels like to work with high schoolers that are bullies or are being bullied

13:35- Steps he takes to help a bully realize that it is more fulfilling to be kind

14:30- The effects that social media can have on kids

19:00- How to prepare kids for the bullying that they may experience

28:50- How he is anticipating what to do as a parent if his kid is being bullied

30:50- Teaching our kids how to respond to hateful comments or messages on social media

36:20- The high rate of suicide in relation to social media

40:00- His plan for allowing his kids to have technology and phones

41:35- What he does when a student comes into his office not doing well

43:40- End of podcast questions

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