Episode 305: Knox Robinson & Tina Muir – Running Realized

Knox Robinson and Tina Muir are the hosts of the brand new podcast “Running Realized.” I listened to the first episode and new I wanted to have them on this shoe to share about this new project.

Running Realized is a podcast that tackles issues that directly affect the sport of running, It is a place to explore, discuss and provide insight to create meaningful change. Tina and Knox will tell stories, consult with experts and search for actionable ways that we can all be a part of the solution.

Tina has been on this podcast once before- episode 5 and this is the first time Knox has been on the show.

What we talked about:

4:35- Introduction to Knox

6:20- What Running Realized is and how it came about

12:50- Each of their biggest takeaways from 2020

23:10- The description of Running Realized

26:55- How they prepare themselves for the uncomfortable conversations and making mistakes

29:40- Recap of the first episode

33:25- People that are helping behind the scenes to help put this podcast together

35:30- The dreams and goals for the show

39:25- Advice to people about speaking up about topics that you care about even if it may not be popular or received well by everyone

44:20- Coming at these conversations with grace and kindness

48:30- End of podcast questions

The Podcast:

Running Realized

Recommended Books: 

Homie – Danez Smith

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man – Emmanual Acho

Connect with Tina:

Tina on Instagram

Connect with Knox:

Knox on Instagram



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