Episode 304: Ryan Hall – Career, Coaching Wife Sara Hall, Lifting, Family & Faith

Ryan Hall retired from Professional running in 2016 and began focusing on weight lifting as well as coaching his wife Sara Hall. He holds the American Record in the Half Marathon (59:43) and also holds the fastest marathon time ever ran by an American at the Boston Marathon (2:04: 58). He is a two time Olympian and now focuses on sharing all of the information he has learned over the years with his community over at Run Free Training.

What we talked about:

6:30- His current running and weightlifting schedule

10:50- Structuring weight training for the athletes that he coaches

13:05- How having weightlifting as an outlet helped him transition out of professional running

16:10- What he and his family have been up to

18:45- What it’s been like coaching Sara and their thoughts after all of last year’s races

27:25- What he is doing as a coach to help Sara transition from marathon training to 5k/10k training

30:50- Mistakes that a lot of runners make in the weight room

37:00- Reflecting on his own running career

54:55- His current roster of athletes that he coaches

57:35- Ryan’s podcast Run Free Podcast

59:40- How Ryan has stayed firm in his faith throughout various points in his life

1:06:15- What has changed since he’s become a father

1:10:05- End of podcast questions


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