Episode 23: Andrea Davis; Screen Time and Kids – Creating a Plan with Confidence

Andrea Davis from Better Screen Time join us today! Andrea is the mother of five and has been researching the effects screen time has on families for years now. Andrea considers her family a low-tech family who had to rethink their approach to screens. I love that Andrea’s message is not one of fear for screens it’s one of confidence and connection.

At Better Screen Time, Andrea shares family-tested strategies with other parents so that: kids can stay kids, teens can learn to use tech as a tool (slowly!), and parents can spend less time worrying and more time connecting with their kids.

You can check out Andrea’s new ebook over on amazon “Creating a Tech Healthy Family” and check out all the resources she has to offer… including 100 screen free ideas over at BetterScreenTime.com.

In this episode we talk about creating a unique tech plan for your family, when and how to introduce phones and so much more!

What we talked about:

2:50- Introduction to Andrea and the backstory of why she started Better Screen Time

7:15- The difference between passive viewing time and interactive screen time

8:50- Setting up your own unique screen time plan for your own individual family and when to start creating a family tech plan

20:35- Creating new habits for kids to find something else to do and redirect them when they want to go on a screen

27:00- The importance of connecting with your kids

30:50-Steps to take to make sure kids aren’t using their screens to numb out feelings

40:10- The best time to offer a phone and social media to kids

46:30- Having a place specifically for phones to be placed overnight and during the day when screens aren’t allowed

52:55- End of podcast questions

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