Episode 303: Nicole Monette – 2nd at the Hoka One One Carbon x 2 100K; Mom of three & full time Physical Therapist

Nicole Monette took second place at the Hoka One One Carbon X 2 100K in Chandler Arizona last month. She is the mother of three – three young kids, ages 18 months, 4 and 7 and a full time Physical Therapist.

Nicole ran her first 100 miler last fall – the Yeti 100 and won the race in 16:19. Out of college she ran with Brooks Hansons for a bit and qualified for the 2012 Olympic Trials in the marathon. She started her career and family and has sort of recently (last few years) been doing the Ultra thing.

Nicole wakes up at 3:45am everyday throughout the week to get her runs in before heading to work at 7am so that she can have family time when she gets off work. I am inspired by the way she does life and her message to the World at the end is just the best.

What we talked about:

6:00- Nicole’s early morning running schedule and overall routine

13:30- Sharing about her experience training with Hanson’s Brooks in Michigan

14:50- How she met her husband

18:30- Training with Des Linden at Hanson’s

19:45- Signing a new sponsorship with Hoka recently and how they got connected

24:25- Her race at the Yeti 100

33:00- Her daughter being born 6 weeks early and being in the NICU

34:55- The support that she has in her life to balance parenting, working full time, and training at a high level

42:10- Her mindset going through her first 100 miler

43:20- How she fueled during the Yeti 100

46:00- Recap of the Hoka One One Carbon x2 100k race where she finished 2nd

50:40- The atmosphere as Jim Walmsley was chasing the record at the Hoka One One Carbon x2 100k

52:15- Goals going forward and working towards getting a golden ticket to Western States

1:01:20- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:

Like Arrows Devotional 

Bravey – Alexi Pappas

The Push- Tommy Caldwell

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