Episode 21: Nefertiti Austin – Motherhood so White: Race, Gender and Parenting in America

Nefertiti Austin is the mother of two, Professor and the author of memoir Motherhood so White: A Memoir of Race, Gender and Parenting in America. Her work has appeared in the “New York Times”, “Washington Post”, “Huffington Post”, “MUTHA”, “Gen Medium”, and many other publications.

Nefertiti adopted both of her children through the foster care system and she shares a little about that process in this episode but goes into further detail in her book. We also talk about her experience raising a black son as a single mother as well what parents of white children can do to come along side her and her children to be allies.

You’re going to want to go pick up her book “Motherhood so White” after this conversation!!

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What we talked about:

6:50- Why she decided to write her memoir “Motherhood so White”

10:15- How she describes herself as a mom

12:30- Being raised by her grandparents and how that has changed her parenting

15:15- When she realized that she wanted to adopt and what the adoption process looked like

20:45- Meeting her son for the first time

22:15- The response that she got from family and friends when she decided to adopt as a single mother

25:30- What she does to ensure that her kids have male role models in their life and building a community around them

29:45- What it means to her to look back at her childhood and her parent’s involvement in the Black Power Movement

32:50- Her message to a single black woman who wants to adopt

34:45- Her hardest transition in motherhood

36:50- What parents of white children can do to walk alongside parents of black children and be supportive

41:50- Her hopes that her book brings about more resources for black mothers

45:15- The most important message that she hopes people take away from her book

47:05- End of podcast questions


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