Episode 301: Ellie Pashley – 2:26 Marathoner, 8th place in NYC & Olympic hopeful for Team Australia

Ellie Pashley is an Australian marathoner you are going to want to start following if you aren’t already.  Ellie placed 8th at the 2019 NYC Marathon and has a PR of 2:26 in the marathon. She ran on the Worlds team in Doha in the 10k and has hopes to run in Tokyo in the Olympics in either the 10K or the Marathon this year.

Ellie runners for New Balance and is also a Physical Therapist. Her story is unique in that she didn’t run in college and went on to do some traveling after college before she decided she wanted to pursue running at a high level.

I had so much fun getting to know Ellie that we stayed on for an extra 25 minutes for patreon supporters! If you want to check out the extended conversation head over to patreon.com/lindseyhein. (This is open to $5 supporters)

What we talked about:

4:40- What Ellie has been up to recently and what she is currently training for

7:10- What it’s like switching from marathon training to 10k training

10:20- Her progression into elite running

18:45- Her progression in the marathon and how her training changed throughout that

23:30- When she knew that she had the potential to be an Olympian and decided to really dedicate herself to her training

31:30- Recapping her race at the Cape Town marathon and why it was so tactical

35:30- How she has learned to master the mental and physical pain of the marathon

38:10- Finishing 8th at the 2019 NYC Marathon

47:30- The process for her to qualify for the Olympics for Australia

54:50- End of podcast questions

Show Notes: 

Inside a Marathon – Ben Rosario and Scott Fauble

The Russian Affair – David Walsh

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