Episode 20: Zoie Hoffman – Goal Setting with Kids and Homework Tips

Zoie Hoffman from Hoffman Tutoring Group joins the podcast today to talk about goal setting and tips for helping kids with homework without the chaos. If we’ve learned one thing this year it’s that having kids home for virtual school is a challenge. Zoie gives us some tangible ways we can help our kids have a positive experience with homework.

Zoie is also the mother of 7 month old twins so she shares a little bit about what it was like to become a first time Mom to TWO babies at once in the middle of a pandemic.

I hope you all enjoy this conversation with Zoie Hoffman!


What we talked about:

3:00- Introduction to Zoie and her passion for the work that she does

8:00- Giving birth to twins and moving during the pandemic

16:50- Setting goals with your kids

26:45- How Zoie evaluates what type of tutoring each child needs

31:05- When a third party tutor can be helpful for your child

32:35- When you should be checking your child’s grades and how to appropriately use online grade portals

37:15- Giving your kids responsibility and authority in their schoolwork

40:15- The benefits of being an online tutor during the pandemic and how the pandemic has affected her business in general

47:00- Avoiding stress and frustration while helping your kids with homework

54:25- The typical age that most students come into tutoring

55:40- End of podcast questions


Show Notes: 

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Shh! We Have a Plan – Chris Haughten

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