Episode 75: Erika Welsh; Wild Friends

Erika Welsh is one of the co-founders of Wild Friends. Wild Friends is a female-founded natural foods company that specializes in nut butters. They are a B-Corp (Certified Benefit Corporation) and through their company have a giveback program called Fuel Her Future where they donate 1% of their sales to programs that help to empower women and girls to chase their dreams. Additionally, they partner with Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest as their non-profit partner.

In this episode, Erika shares the story about how she started Wild Friends in college with her best friend, going on Shark Tank, using Wild Friends as a platform to give back to women and girls, making products that bring joy to people’s day, and so much more!

I hope that you enjoy my conversation with Erika!

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

What we talked about:

3:25- Introduction to Erika and how she founded Wild Friends

12:45- How Erika and her co-founder, Keeley, created and grew the business without prior business experience

16:05- The turning point in the business when it started to grow

19:35- Going on Shark Tank and how that transformed the company

25:45- Being in business with her best friend and how they’ve kept a positive relationship throughout

32:45- The strengths that Keeley and Erika each bring to the business

36:35- Their giveback program; Fuel Her Future and the nonprofit that they partner with

41:10- Finding joy in their products bringing other people joy

43:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest

Fuel Her Future

Book recommendation: The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes


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